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Re: What would you do with this image

Ha ha. You guys are all very helpful. When I took this shot, it was on a cloudy day. Digital photography was still a new concept to me. Before the trip, I took an advise from someone from the Internet to use spot metering all the time. Therefore - now I know - all the photos from the same trip were over exposed. I did look at the LCD after the shot, but thought it might be because of the weather that the rose didn't look good enough. I do own a SB-700 now. But on that trip, the built-in pop-up flash was all I got. I wouldn't think it could help either.

But guys, thanks for all your advices. I will try using the flash to help taking flower pictures from now on, along with under exposing a bit and narrower depth of field - now that I also own a better lens at f2.8, and learn to play with the adjustments in PP. Photoshop is still intimidating to me though.
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