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Re: Grass is always green on the other side of the fence.

Zee Char wrote:

mmmmmmmm wrote:

I just happen to be a Nikon user that owns 5-SB-900's and 2-SB800's. Be careful what you wish for because you might not be the happy camper you think you might be with the Nikon flash. The only reason Nikon came out with the new flash is because we were having trouble with the temperature circuit shutting the flash down. Several times at weddings my SB-900 shut down - I turned the temperature cutoff circuit off. the new flash will just slow down recycling when it begins to over heat. Other than this there are very few changes with the new unit.

The Nikon boys, which I am one, will tell you that the Nikon flash is much more accurate than Canon. This, I can tell you, is simply not true. In addition, the big canon flash is a little more powerful than the Nikon.

I see nothing wrong with the Canon flash. At this moment in time it seems that Nikon has the latest and greatest - don't believe it! Be happy with what you have until a new unit comes out. For those who think I might be a troll and not a Nikon user, check out my website.

David Miller

Thanks for being so frank about this. It's refreshing. You keep hearing about how much better Nikon is. One fellow mentioned I think in this thread that is partner shoots with a Nikon and he gets just as many missed shots.

My friend shoots Nikon and reluctantly bought a SB900. Mostly because he comes from the pre TTL days and used guide numbers. He hated flash. I don't even know how to turn it on but flash photography is universal. We had the camera on manual and the flash on TTL and we took some shot of his wife and kids. I had told him how great Nikon was based on what I read. After few shots we looked at each other. He had tweak the FEC. I did not know what to tell him. He is very happy with it. Got some great shots at an amateur fashion show recently.

90% is the user and 10% is the gear.

That was me who was mentioning my partners nikon. Yes it is 90% user. The two systems are different but neither is superior but rather one may suit your taste or workflow better than the other.


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