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Re: DPP File to DVD or Mem. Stick

Richard Katris wrote:

I think the OP is trying to transfer the raw files including remembered processing data similar to XMP files in PSCS, and archive that modification in addition to the RAW file to offline storage. As far as I remember...DPP remembers modifications in the program and does not embed that data into the RAW files, so I do not believe this is possible using DPP.

On the otherhand, if the OP is merely trying to copy RAW files and archive them without the modification data attached...that should be possible in the browser of the OS outside of DPP as a simple drag and drop operation to a writable media disk, with the subsequent burning of the disk with other programs on the computer that are designed specifically for copying files or any sort.

Both Adobe, and Capture1, and I think DXO do have the capability to have a companion file that contains the modification information that is made using those programs, and to use that information when opening the files on another platform that has the same software installed that can interpret that modification information.

I use LR in the field to make initial modifications to files....then by saving the XMP file instead of imbedding the data into the RAW file, I can easily access and continue modification to the images by copying the RAW and the XMP files to my work station at home and retain all the modification data that I have started on the road on the laptop.

I haven't used DPP much so I am unaware of if this is possible between different platforms using DPP.
Richard Katris aka Chanan

I think you're overcomplicating things. I just opened a raw file in DPP, tweaked a couple of settings, clicked save. File now has a modification date of today - it looks like at least the basics just go back in the raw file.

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