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Michel Savage
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With humility

Wow, what a thread. I'm easily confused by all the technical jargon and dialectics. I'm just a good amateur, even though I have sold hundreds of pics in the past. Still, I'm not too technically inclined and I have a lot to learn. In this thread, I think I have something new to bring.

Six or seven years ago, I jumped into the digital bandwagon with the 1DsII. Image quality was absolutely stunning, as was extreme cropability. Severe dust problems, however, forced me to sell and to buy a simple low-grade 350D. I loved that Rebel. Then, not too long ago, I bought a 7D. My first impression was: wow, what detail. I then bought the best lenses I could (the 17-55 2.8 among others) and slowly, I began to feel that my images were kindda limited. What I mean by that is that no matter what raw wsoftware I used, I couldn't crop very much before the image started degrading. All my images were so soft that they required agressive sharpening, which in turn led to artificial looking images.

I then searched online to see if others felt the same way and, behold, several prominent professional photographers felt the same way. Soft images. At the same time, however, several other professiobnal photographers managed to extract beaufiful images from the same tool. Bizarre indeed.

This brings me to the following theory: is it possible that the 7D assembly line suffered quality control problems so severe that a large bunch of bodies were out of alignment, or whatever. That would explain why this 7D debate is so heated.

Seeing that there was absolutely no solution to my proble, I sold the 7D and bought a 5DIi that makes me very happy. I used the 5DII for portrait, landscapes, wildlife, BIF, and events and whatever.

Now, as a backup for my trip, I just ordered a T2i.

So, again, seeing the very high quality pics the 7D is capable of, and recognizing that several pros had serious softness proboems with the 7D, I submit that Canon had QC problems with that camera, problems, which might have been solved since.

I told you. I ain't technical.

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