Olympus EPL2 - Good bargain refurbished?

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Re: I got one -- it's a good deal!

Bluevortex wrote:

Literally just picked it up. Looks mint and very excited. Can anybody recommend a text book other than the operating manual to help me learn this beautiful little camera inside out? Perhaps a generic PEN even?

If you're looking for a book specific to the E-P3, I don't think anything is available yet. The best bet might be watching for an update to this for the E-P3:


There are probably enough differences between the E-P2 and E-P3 that the above book may not be all that useful. I haven't read it, so I can't say for sure.

I'd suggest turning on the SCP (you'll quickly see why), then spend some time with the manual. Download a copy so you can do keyword searches. When you find something you're unsure about, search m43 Talk (use the Advanced option) for that subject. If you don't find it, start a new thread. Lots of very helpful, very knowledgeable folks are here, and I'll bet at least one of them can answer any question you have.

Beyond all of that, put that sucker in P or A and go shooting! Once you figure out how to make common adjustments, there's no reason to wait. Again, the SCP will be your friend.

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