1Ds II vs 5DmkII (low ISO IQ only)

Started Dec 19, 2011 | Discussions thread
Dan_168 Veteran Member • Posts: 7,224
Re: 1Ds II vs 5DmkII (low ISO IQ only)

I have both 1Ds2 and 5D2, I use the 1DS2 A LOT more than my 5D2, I normally only use the 5D2 when I want to use the Live-View for my TSE manual focus lenses and I can see better for distortion correction on the spot before I shoot, and some times I use the 5D2 so I can zoom in all the way to the edge to confirm I have a dead on focus when shoot landscape, which I can't easily do it on my 1DS2 without Live View. I even hike with my 1DS2 a lot more than the 5D2.

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