Flash photography on streets

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Re: Flash photography on streets

When people talk of using flash in street photography Bruce Gilden's name inevitably pops up. But I think that this work shares a similar methodology to that used by Philip-Lorca diCorcia. He would position remote controlled flash out of sight of passers by and then wait for suitable subjects to walk through. The resulting work made up his portfolio called "Heads".

Here's a video article where he discusses the work


I prefer this concept to that of Gilden's, mainly because I'm not pushy or abrasive like he obviously is, and his intention is to provoke a reaction. diCorcia's work is more subtle and relies on the interplay of the light on the subject which is what I think the OP is trying to achieve here.

nanashi wrote:

intruder61 wrote:

i like your perspective. cheers.


Eric Kim does some nice street flash work... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9vI79uflMY

This is the style pf Bruce Gilden. I like his work. I am trying to do a different style.

In these my shots, flash was on the stand behind the main subject, and shoot from front.

I wanted to see how candid street photography looks like if I use flash like studio. Sounds Winogrand...

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