Flash photography on streets

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Re: Flash photography on streets

Hi keats,

keats wrote:

Very strong work. Wonderful to see someone experimenting and developing a > unique style. You are really onto something.

Thanks! I did not used flash on street before. I am an available light person for many many years, but now Chicago become really dark after 4:00PM and wanted to do something new so I decided to use flash. Still initial experimental stage now.

Not knowing anything about off-camera flash, what is the setup? Is there a remote, > a cord, something else? Does the M9 have TTL flash metering, or is this all old > school manual?

Remote system I am using is radio transmitted type, YONGNU RF-600TX for Nikon camera ( for Canon camera does not work) on M9, and RF-602RX on flash (Canon 580EX2). They are almost as cheap as cable, one set is about $35. I tried SF20 and SF24D (auto and manual mode not TTL) and both works fine, too. M9 has TTL but can not use it because the limitation of cheap radio transmitter as well as I am mainly using Canon flash. 580EX2 has own meter system (built-in meter measures reflected light) so it is possible to use that function like TTL but i like a consistency and want to control the strength of light so I use fully manual mode. I do some test shot, check monitor and change the setting.

Flash is on the stand Manfrotto 1051 BAC Mini Compact Stand, with adapter Manfrotto 026 Swivel Lite-Tite Umbrella Adapter. They are light weight so no problem to carry.

RF-602RX is cheap ($25), and having several this, we can fire multiple flash. I do not know I will use multiple flash on street, though.
That's about it.


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