Recommend a Durable Camera that uses AA Batteries

Started Dec 22, 2011 | Discussions thread
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Re: Recommend a Durable Camera that uses AA Batteries

I would rethink the AA battery idea. The Canon battery charger for an ELPH, to take an example, is tiny and plugs straight into the wall; I'm sure it weighs less than a couple of AAs and it smaller than the camera. (e.g.,

; .) I would pick a good P&S and bring an extra battery; you can plug in to charge almost anywhere along the way. (I often leave the charger/battery in a campsite restroom for a few hours.) Even if you're stopping for a meal, that is probably enough time to recharge. The whole system will weigh much less than an AA system, and most importantly, alkaline AAs won't pack the power of a Li battery.

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