S100: for the Point-&-Shooter, or not?

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Re: S100: for the Point-&-Shooter, or not?

doctortee wrote:

I also was looking for a quick-no-worry-p&s, and i'm happy with the Nikon P300. It delivers very good photos, also in low light and doesn't need any postprocessing (well, it doesn't has raw). also the standard automatic white balance works great in artificial light. And the video mode is very good, too!
So, maybe this is an idea?

lol, I've tried the p300 in the store - twice to be sure - and it's auto mode in my opinion is way worse than the s100. The s100 makes a few questionable choices, where the p300 makes a ton of them. The problem with Nikon is that it likes to have it's cameras choose 1/15 in low light, which again in my opinion is a terrible terrible choice for an auto mode. It chooses f2.8 a lot of times when it could choose f1.8. Just sayin'...

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