My Best AF settings for D7000

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Re: Many reasons

Elchanan wrote:

Mako2011 wrote:

with AF-C almost all as "focus" priority limits when the shutter can be released > based on AF confirmation and green dot turn on...that takes time

While this is true, I think that "release" priority is more suited to extreme situations and all but useless when not used in conjunction with burst mode.

Not a problem as experience has shown but I understand your thinking.

When the camera is set to "release" priority, you have know way of knowing whether the picture that you WANTED was actually in focus when the shutter activated.

Green light in focus priority you can indeed miss a shot that was actually in focus as I have shown.

That can lead to real frustration when you get home afterwards and view the pictures on your computer (speaking from experience). When I see my children doing something really cute, I need to be certain that any focus error will be mine :-).

That is often the case when not intimately familiar with how AF-C and "release priority" integrate. That's not meant in a disrespectful way just pointing out how your excellent experience may differ from another. Not a bad thing.

The element of uncertainty that "release" priority introduces is simply not justifiable for my particular style of shooting. I experimented with back button AF + "release" priority, but soon realized that the trade-off was not worth it. In the 2 months that I've owned the D7000, I've realized that it is amazingly quick to focus making the issue of lag a non-issue, at least for me.

That's the bottom line. Your settings work great for you and my settings would be limiting to how you shoot. Your settings would limit my success rate just as much. But I can switch to "focus priority" and get the same in focus rate as you do but the total number of pictures taken in focus would go down significantly depending on the shooting scenario and target.

I'm also perplexed by your statement that the shots you posted would not have been possible in "focus" mode. I would say that they may have been possible in "focus" priority, but "release" mode made the likelihood of getting "The Shot" more probable.

No, as the AF-sensor that was primary at that second in time was the center one. As you can see, there was no target for it to focus on at that moment.

When shooting in "release" mode, you take a chance and sometimes it pays off.

When shooting in "focus" mode, you take a chance that your green light will always be on when you really need it...and sometimes it pays off.

Just two ways of skinning a cat....both work and are dependent on the specific style of the user. In any case, knowing the tool well is a good thing. Happy Holidays

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