Leica or Carl Zeiss Lenses?

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Re: Leica or Carl Zeiss Lenses?

Michael Everett wrote:

How good is the Voigtländer CV 15. I shoot with a lot of Zeiss on my Nex 5n and am considering it. How does it compare with Zeiss lenses?

Michael, you can find a lot of information on the CV 15/4.5 in various forums and websites. Pretty much everybody who ever used it has nothing but praise for it. For starters, I recommend Stephen Gandy's paragraph on the 15/4.5 on his Voigtländer lens page: http://cameraquest.com/voigtlen.htm

The 15/4.5 is a rectilinear lens with as good as no distortion. It is pretty sharp in the center at all apertures, whereas the corners are slightly soft at f/4.5. The angle is, of course, very wide. I find it has good contrast and neutral colour reproduction, if slightly on the cool side compared to Zeiss lenses.

I have no experience with Zeiss' wide angle offerings. The 18/4 looks to be a very nice lens with typical Zeiss rendering. The 15/2.8 is a beast, insanely expensive and not rf coupled. I'd take the Heliar over either of these any time: It's relatively cheap, insanely small and a very good performer. If you're looking for a super wide, the Heliar really is a no-brainer.

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