FZ150 and night photography

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Re: FZ150 and night photography

I also played a bit more with different low light settings tonight including handheld nite, iA, and A. My conclusion is that I am getting the best results from full manual control in A mode and on a tripod. The best advantage of manually selecting ISO and exposure is that I know exactly how the image will look like in terms of noise and sharpness. All other modes presented certain degree of uncertainty in terms of final results. Even if the image looked good on the camera screen, in many cases it was not as good on the monitor (either a bit blurry or too noisy).

As a side note, I was a bit frustrated that even on a tripod with ISO 100 the images were not crispy clean in terms of noise. I assume the size of the sensor is the factor. On the other hand, I was testing in a very dim light which is most likely much darker than most low light conditions in real life. So need to do more shooting in the dusk or on the downtown streets at night before reaching final verdict. So far, I would give it 3 out of 5 for low light image quality.

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