add to the list: "the most dreaded thread topics."

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Veli Junior Member • Posts: 46
Now then, is it really better?

3 weeks? Come on...

I judt wanted to add my to cents two this best treat ever... I love it!!! (Had two look up yur threat from way back)... not recently posted (Russel, is it embarrasing? I mean the lack of humor on this forum?)

Ok, kidding aside, who likes my 16mm sony better then my 8mm samyang, or better even without posting any photos going apedung about my pudel and I going at it at low light in questionable circumstances and than, BOOMSHACKALAKAka.. ok,ok I now you animal righte people are gonna flame me, but pleasr....

Don't drink and post!!!

My 8 to 210 mm rokkkkkkk!!! some more thne others, and than some...

HA, had a drink and just HAD to contribute!

Thank YOU ALL!!!

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