Here's Why I Never Recommend Using DR100 - 2 img + Histograms

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Here's Why I Never Recommend Using DR100 - 2 img + Histograms

Here's Why I Never Recommend Using DR100

Frankly, I cannot see any time where DR100 is necessary, leave alone desirable.

At DR100 the camera is not using any of its unique sensor pixel pairing technology - well, not in so far as it affects dynamic range or, more precisely highlight recovery.

At DR100 a Fuji EXR sensor camera functions much like all the rest of the small sensor cameras, in that it will readily blow highlights in a high contrast scene with picture elements brighter than 0EV.

To show what happens with a high contrast scene I over-expose by 1EV - it's not easy to produce a high contrast, repeatable scene indoors. Over-exposing gives virtually the same results as shooting a real high contrast scene, as far as the highlights are concerned.

In addition, unless you have picture elements brighter than 0EV DR simply does not kick in. It will just reduce the level of what would have been a correctly exposed photo otherwise.

For comparison's sake, here is the scene using DR400 (maximum sensor highlight recovery effect in operation) at ISO100 (no additional "curves" based manipulation of lowlights or highlights).

And now here is the same scene but shot with no extra highlight recovery capability in DR100 mode:

1) At least a third of the available pixel information from the DR400 shot has been lost forever, compressed and clipped away.

2) You can see that by looking at the white bodies of the Artline pens; no detail or shape is visible in the DR100 shot, compared with full detail visible in the DR400 shot

3) Even the top half of the Selleys card is clipped white with the text clarity reduced

4) While there aren't any white discs visible here, I can see how close they are to being revealed or produced because of the extensive, harsh clipping of highlights, especially on the mug.

5) I initially found the level of the DR400 image at which all its elements were visible, with no highlight comprssion or clipping. That was at -2EV in Silkypix. The DR100 shot is then adjusted to that same level to produce a comparable image.

6) I am not saying that DR100 automatically over-exposes - rather that if your scene has high contrast then any resulting over-exposure or exposure of elements above 0EV will result in lost detail, a lot of lost detail when compared with the matching DR400 shot.

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