Cheap, but effective: Your Consumer Kit Lens - Which Lenses???

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Re: Cheap, but effective: Your Consumer Kit Lens - Which Lenses???

pitou250 wrote:

I contacted the host on a few entries that seemed not to qualify - he contacted me promptly and we had a chat about the images, and his reasoning behind the challenge. He is wellspoken and is genuinely concerned about doing his hosting duties properly, and is spending a lot of time doing it.

The rules were not written to perfection - but thats hardly the case in any of the challenges. Most likely he'll learn from this challenge and adapt for future ones.

Other badly written Challenges is not a justification for one more . . .

You guys are one selfrighteous bunch of people - I wonder if any have even taken the time to actually contact him? Yet you're assuming a lot about his personality - based on your (flawed) interpretations of a few rules.

My interpretation is my interpretation . . the description and rules should be written with the aim of minimising variations on interpretation.

You all seem to forget these hosts are volunteers taking up an unrewarding and timeconsuming task

I am aware of this . . . and I am also aware that Entrants spend time preparing their entries.

If the host DQ'd because of a particular lens - did you look up the details of that lens, and perhaps send him a link, to argument that it fits his description?
I found him very open to reason on the subject

Of course in your interpretation "cheap" and "cheapest" are completely contradicting terms - and when he explains a kit lens is your manufacturers cheapest lens and adds that he will accept lenses from 3rd party manufacturers you see blatantly incoherent writing - I see a simple addition/clarification.

I see contradiction . . . and what is written is a contradiction. The Host then has to be in damage limitation mode and is faced with many conflicting choices . . all of which are bad ones . . . the best choice is to pull the Challenge and start again . . unfortunately that option isn't open to the Host.

Please keep the thread here based on photography and challenge related facts - and take your personality bashing threads to facebook.
Better yet - find a Sophist forum - you'll be welcomed with open arms.

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