60D vs Mirrorless

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Re: 60D vs Mirrorless

The APS-C standard isn't going anywhere. Canon sells way too many APS-C cameras to just abandon them in the foreseeable future. Furthermore, many mirrorless cameras have adopted the APS-C standard, meaning that it is becoming more and more pervasive. That's increased impetus for Canon to stick with what works.

The overall quality of some of the mirrorless cameras is very high. The NEX line seems to perform as well or better than most other APS-C DSLRs, even. So you could do well with one, depending upon what you want to do.

You should know that mirrorless technology is not married to it's current implementation. The small form factor that currently exists came into existence first because it appeals to the common demonstrator more so than the DSLR form factor. Eventually, most every interchangeable lens system available will be mirrorless. Just know that the DSLR style body is here to stay because, it is better suited to larger lenses and more rigorous work.

From the standard of the average DSLR end user, there won't be to many serious changes to the camera as you see it. All your lenses will work, you will still have great autofocus (either through improved contrast detection or, through phase detect AF), and all the comforts and features you are used to now. That's just something to keep in mind.

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