How many professional photographers bother with color management?

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Your teacher needs to meet a better grade of photographer

ComputerDork wrote:

My photography teacher (professional or former professional) says that basically none of the professional photographers he knows these days bother to calibrate/profile their monitors or printers.

Then I suspect he doesn't know any "professionals" that know their craft.

He also says everyone just wants everything in sRGB, in his experience, and nobody has ever asked him for anything else.

For low-end, quick-and-dirty jobs .... perhaps. But these must not be high quality jobs.

So is this typical among professional photographers or does it depend on what they're doing?

A few can get away without color management, like newspapers printed on poor quality paper. But this is (or rather "should be") the exception, not the rule.

Which ones tend to just take photos, adjust them on an uncalibrated monitor, and send them of in sRGB and which ones bother with all the profiling instrumentation and send stuff off to people who demand AdobeRGB/whatever?

Photographers who want to get the color right quickly learn to calibrate EVERYTHING - camera, monitor and printer/paper/ink. But if you don't care, or your work doesn't matter, then shoot sRGB JPG.

People may drive on the highway while eating, drinking, texting and calling on the cell phone - but I believe it would be bad policy for a driving instructor to teach this. I'd suggest your teacher has done a grave injustice to his students.

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