Rationale for dSLR over V1/m43, or NEX? Share yea or nay...?

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Re: Rationale for dSLR over V1/m43, or NEX? Share yea or nay...?

I can't argue your rationale. but I can write my reasons for sticking with D-slrs for now.

1. battery life for long hikes.

2. viewfinder. I'm still not comfortable with EVF...may be in future.

3. the only bodies I like are sony's. I'm not downgrading to a smaller micro 4/3 sensor. But sony cameras don't have enough external control or features except may be new nex-7 which I think is a step in the right direction.

4. m4/3 rd lenses/ accessories are so expensive for small slow lenses covering a small sensor. Sony is ok , but again there are not enough lenses. APS-C slr lenses have more third party support and they are cheaper.

5. when you attach a lens, then cameras are not really pocket able. then what's the point? I'm young enough to carry D7000+18-135+12-24 on a hike (that's the kit I really need). also with bigger lenses they are unbalanced. I don't like very small. panasonic GH2 size is ok. So are Nikon D5100 or canon rebel series

I don't see a point in mirrorless till now. Why they are needed? just for a little bit weight saving? let's see where they go in next few years.

I have recently bought a D7000. so, I'm not upgrading in next 3 years or so. I hope by then mirrorless becomes mainstream and I will have option to buy a FF mirrorless with proper wide angle lenses for my landscapes.


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