Here's why 5D2 price has dropped, BEWARE!

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Re: 5d2 to run for another year...

bobn2 wrote:

Sal Baker wrote:

Just did some trawling for you. My thread is better than your thread. Its a poll in the Nikon forum. So far those for 36mp = 6. Those for 16-24mp = 12. Your perception = false. (Hey, you're the one that thinks the plural of "anecdote" is data, I'm just playing along.)

Different question, isn't it? Saying which of three options you prefer isn't the same question as saying 'I don't want or need 36Mp'.

No, it's not a different question. You said the perception that "most" people don't want 36mp was wrong based on a small internet thread you found.

And indeed it is. My perception reading many threads is that your perception is biassed and wrong. I still hold to that. But, asking people to choose between three alternatives is a completely different proposition to asking whether they want any one of them. They might want all three, the question is which they want most .

Hmm, changing your tune now. You said one thread was sufficient to form your perception - which is a limited way of looking for data. The poll lists 2 lower res choices and one 36mp option, and the 36mp option was significantly behind the lower res options in the poll. But that was yesterday.

The thread I found says you're dead wrong.

Only for someone with limited powers of logical deduction.

Or someone who can't read simple web posts, which i still contend are useless for the purposes of your argument.

I find it disappointing that you consider any of this critical analysis of user interest.

I wouldn't dignify it with the word 'analysis'.

As for your lame attempts to paint me as the obsessive, I note you felt moved to answer yourself in the last 'exchange', since I wasn't quick enough to respond for you.

You're unable to handle two at a time?

With suitable chemical enhancement, I'm sure I could manage.

Now we agree!


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