"Proof" of upcoming NX2 upgrade?

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I was right beshannon and you were snotty

Hey beshannon,

I like rubbing snotty people's faces in their own snot.

I was being VERY intelligent and anayzing a situation (the program's European homepage was not listing the program anymore) after reading about a rumor on Nikon Rumors.

I'm glad that my intelligence gave me something to check up on. Your SNOTTINESS gave you a chance to try to belittle someone.

I was not going overboard with screaming the sky is falling as you suggest. I was simply noting something that could be of use for people using NX2 LOONG in need of an upgrade.

I'm glad I was right and you were impolite and here I am joining you in your snottiness.

It feels good, real good. Especially because I wasn't reaching for straws.

beshannon wrote:

gmosc wrote:

The website Niksoftware.com works but the product Capture NX2 is not there anymore.

The only thing for NX2 is Color efx 3 for NX2 but the program Capture NX2 is not shown.

There IS a tab for "Products" and when you click, it shows NX2 all the way to the right, When you carefully bring your cursor over to "NX2" it shows "page not found" on this second computer I'm using. (Earlier it redirected to Color EFX3 for NX2).

Beshannon, did you actually get to the page that allows you to buy NX2?

Guy Moscoso

Your Shopping Cart Shopping Cart > > Address Information > > Payment & Order > > Receipt

Item Quantity Your Price
Capture NX 2
Windows, Electronic, English
Remove $179.95

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Items: $179.95
Discount: $0.00
Shipping & Handling: $0.00
Subtotal: $179.95
Tax: $0.00
TOTAL: (estimated) $179.95

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Yes the page is there, it loads, I put the software in my cart . . .

Something happens on the internet and the sky is falling, not sure why I am trying to inject some common sense into the forum, clearly a losing battle.

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