To all the x10 lovers......

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Kim Letkeman
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Re: To all inquiring minds...

Daniel Lowe wrote:

I'm not interested in being "forum cop" (whatever the hell that means)

Well, you've been running around today constantly telling people to do this or do that ... that's a forum cop. I suggest you start ignoring some of what is going on as it won't change anyway ...

You seem capable of engaging in productive discussion and while some seem to hate your guts due to past conflict, I can see that you don't necessarily always upset people like some do around here, but why not just let the babies have their bottle Kim? (not that I believe there are many babies here at all) why the need to correct every single little lapse in communication ? why?

Actually, I tend to ignore most poor English. To do otherwise would be extremely patronizing to people who almost certainly know other languages far better than I.

However, really bad logic or simple misinformation does deserve some response in my opinion. Most of the time, anyway. Especially when someone persists in feeding the forum really bad information without posting anything approaching convincing tests.

However, I have been warned to be more tolerant as the complaint button has been hammered quite a bit over the weekend (guess who) ... so I shall endeavour to ignore some of the obnoxious BS that gets posted ... after all, people should be doing enough research to figure out that what they are reading is junk ...

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