Leica v Zeiss Contax

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Re: Leica v Zeiss Contax

My very first camera was a Contax Super Ikonta A. It is with this camera that I learned the basics of a rangefinder usage and about light.
The other camera available was a Leica IIIf with a 50mm Summicron(collapsible).

I prefered the Super Ikonta. It was easier to focus and allowed usable copies by contact. The Leica contact copies were too small.

This was a long time ago. I did not have access to color film or an enlarger or even a light meter. But it was how I learned to photograph and process film (only B&W).
For me the larger sensor had the clear advantage.

I am sure that you were not thinking on those cameras when you asked, but it make me remember the experience of learning photography in the childhood almost 50 years ago.

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