NX200 much better than NEX7, Fuji X100 so why a secret?

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Re: NX200 much better than NEX7, Fuji X100 so why a secret?

The service in shops now can be pretty awful. It is suprising when shops are suffering so much that they make so little effort to get staff motivated and skilled. This is where they could compete with the Internet. I had a recent bad experience buying a bicycle from a large well known retailer.

I suppose it must be demotivating as some people now are just checking the stuff in store before buying it on Amazon. So many of the big retailers seem to be technically insolvent in the UK. Jessops seems to be just hanging on. It will be a pity when we can only buy the stuff on-line.

When I was at a wedding the video guy took a picture of me and my wife with the NX100 and was very complimentary about it. Obviously never seen one before. As you say it can be cool to have something effective which is unusual and not run of the mill. Shows you have looked outside of the box.

Shannow wrote:

It's true . The salesman at the local big shop presented me nicely the Sony Nex but when I aproached the nx200 and I asked for details he simply said I'm not into samsung lol ... They don't even bother with it . Oh well to be honest I like to have a weird bird/brand and impress people with it Makes you feel unique and not following the rest of the world .

Especialy after my EX1 samsung to me is a very capable brand in camera product and can teach a few things to other big brands .

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