Leica v Zeiss Contax

Started Dec 18, 2011 | Discussions thread
paulhofseth Regular Member • Posts: 196
Re: Leica v Zeiss Contax

I have never used a Contax, but did use a "copy", the Nikon SP, which I traded for my IIIG. The lens lever-focusing on the Leica was slightly faster to use than the Contax\Nikon focus wheel. I liked the SPs multiple framelines , but as i vaguely recall, the IIIG framelines were more luminous. The early , collapsible Summicron 50 helped make the IIIG pocketable, and performed well, but so did the early "tokyo" 50\1,4. Never scanned the negatives, so pixelpeeping is out of the question.


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