Monitoring Distribution of NEX-7

Started Dec 20, 2011 | Discussions thread
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Re: Monitoring Distribution of NEX-7

I feel pretty guilty....Last week wanted to get my wife a NEX-7 for Christmas to use on our trip to San Francisco the following week, but of course there were none available. I decided to settle on a NEX-5 from the Sony site at $499. I was considering returning it, for a NEX-7 that may be available next month, but thought we could decide later.

An hour later I noticed a new-in-the-box NEX-7 on Amazon for a couple of hundred bucks over list.

I bought it. It was the second of two that the seller had just received from the batch that Sony just released.

So now I have one to give my wife, and have returned the NEX-5 to Sony. I know I don't really deserve it. One of you guys that placed orders in August does.

I hope you get yours soon, and remember, you'll pay a couple hundred less than I did!


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