Attn: Nikon - Suggestion for Smart Photo Selector mode

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Attn: Nikon - Suggestion for Smart Photo Selector mode

I haven't (yet?) pulled the trigger on buying a Nikon 1 camera,
but curious what others think about this idea.

Wouldn't it be cool if the Smart Photo Selector mode could
bracket ISO and exposure comp? I realize this is similar to
what some people, and some reviews, have suggested, but
I am specifically thinking that each time you press the shutter
release, it would automatically take the following shots (or,
user-specifiable variations):

  • 3 different ISO settings

  • 3 different exposure comp settings

  • Repeat all of above a second time

  • Ability to do this in A or S or M modes.

That would be 3 x 3 x 2 = 18 shots, all together.
The point of repeating the 3 x 3 (ISO x exposure comp) sequence
is that you would get a slightly different timepoint (or, the user
could defeat this repetition).

For static subjects, you'd get very nice bracketing. Perhaps you
could even choose more than 3 ISO settings or exposure comp
settings, as long as the total variations does not exceed 20 (or

For moving subjects, obviously you would lose some time-resolution.

Thoughts? I'm ready to be told how stupid this is.

  • Paul

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