FZ150 or FZ47 ?

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Re: FZ150 or FZ47 ?

I agree with you here - George totally ignores the benefits of using the FZ over the DSLR:

  • Ability to zoom to the action [without breaking the bank]

  • Much faster burst speed than any entry-level DSLR [and many premium DSLRs]

Both of the above can help get the shot when other cameras just can't. The only advantage of the entry-level DSLR over the FZ150 is limited to low light/no flash situations where a wider aperature or bigger ISO may help - but the benefits of the zoom and burst speeds will often offset that by allowing you to get the shots that the DSLR can't. As is the usual case with bridge cameras, there are tradeoffs.

George also points you towards the FZ47 because of price but he doesn't make any comparison between the FZ47 and FZ150 - which is what the OP was looking for. The FZ150's CMOS sensor is better in low light , supports a larger ISO, offers better IQ, and can shoot 12fps vs 3.7fps. As the OP noted, the articulated LCD is another useful FZ150 benefit. The auto-focus speed is faster for the FZ150 as well - with Imaging Resource calling it "dSLR performance" in their FZ150 review. All of these make the FZ150 a better choice for your stated needs than the FZ47.

George was right when he said it takes practice - but the same is true for the DSLR as well. Just replacing the FZ with a DSLR won't magically/immediately improve your keeper rate, but lots of practice with it may. The same is likely true for the FZ as well.

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