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Video sample

Here's a video sample from the trip. The vimeo upload was only 11 mbps. So, quality suffered. But, the original output from the camera (25 mbps) was impressive. The audio pickup is very good.

The daylight scenes were shot in 1080p30. Either Standard Picture Control (Sharpening 2/9) or Landscape (sharpening 3/9). Only added 0.5% sharpening in PP.

Note that N1 has less DOF than small sensor cameras. So, AF-F can back-focus. Have to center your subject. May need to go into single focus.

Yes, there are AF flickers. But, it's quite good considering the amount of motion by the children.

The first segment was a test of DR. No PP added. Pass!

The final segment (the dancers) was shot in 720p60. Sharpening 2/9 and none added in PP. Terrific job by V1 on motion smoothness and exposure response. Yes, there are brief AF flickers as the light changes drastically.

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