What do you do with your shots??

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Re: What do you do with your shots??

wiwi wrote:

But what I've been thinking lately is : why am I taking all these images?

Hi Olivia,

I also have a lot of images in my HD, but i´m going to answer you with another hobby i have. I ride bicycle almost every night, usually between 20 and 50 km. Why? I´m not a pro, will not win any race, and do not make any money from my bike. I do it for the same reason that i take pics, it is because it gives me pleasure, i really enjoy it. Well, that is enough for me.

Do you submit them in local / national / international competitions?


Do you sell them in various forms at a local market, or in local shops?

Never tried and never will.

DO you gift them?

To my friends, yes.

Do you put them on your own wall?


Or do they just collect cyber dust somewhere?

Most of them have a lot of layers of cyberdust over them, but i still loved to take them.

..................................(Maragogipe, a fisher´s village at Bahia, Brazil)..................................

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