will olympus have new camera models next year

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Lens size

mlmd1234 wrote:

If Oly offered me a pancake zoom for the epm1 f1.8-2.5 and 28-112mm for under $400 I would jump on it. With the xz-1 you get the lens for that price and a free camera attached. I'm hoping Oly has the sense to make a m43 point and shoot with a similar lens.

With the bigger sensor comes bigger lenses. The 4/3 (not m4/3) 14-54 is 2.8-3.5 and is much larger. I'd still like them to make a fast zoom, but it won't be small. They might be able to make it collapsing to make it smaller than the 4/3 version.

That's why the primes are so popular. Fast glass in a small size.

With the following, you beat the performance of the XZ-1 but with less convenience and more space taken up and a lighter wallet.
14@2.5 or 12@2.0
20@1.7 or 25@1.4

I have the 14, the 25 and the 45-200 zoom on a GF2. When I throw the 14 on, it's only a little bigger than an XZ-1 and fits in a small belt case.

The 25 is a stellar lens but it's not a pancake. Still worth hauling around though.

It's a tradeoff of size/IQ versus convenience.

We almost always take the XZ-1. We rarely carried the e520 and lenses. Now I'll carry the GF2 and lenses quite a lot of the time.

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