Sigma's next camera will be ???

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Re: Sigma's next camera will be ???


Only a group of complete morons would expect to sell a lot of pro-sumer APS-c cameras at $7000 -$10,000 each. I doubt if "Sigma" was that confused then, or now. Sales probably match expectations, at least among people who know the business.

Now, one person might be a bit confused, or maybe embarrassed, but then his justification was that he was not selling cameras at a loss, either. Of course, until he sells the required number of cameras the project might be a loser...

Meanwhile, the sensor itself is developed, and they have tried to get SPP to work properly.

Sigma took on the Foveon sensor to separate itself from the market as a whole, and it succeeded. If we want to speculate on how that came about, that's fair enough, but it seems extreme to attribute emotional states to entire corporate entities.

Do I know these things? Only in the most general sense.

I do believe that the Foveon sensor needs some work to function properly at high ISO's. and as I see it, when the light is greatly reduced the results are going to be about the same as the Bayer sensors. (How could it be otherwise?) So the Foveon effect (if there is such a thing) is going to require sufficient light.

I do not think that the Foveon look requires 16MP x3. Probably 10x3 would be plenty. And it would probably provide a cleaner image.

Roland Karlsson wrote:

richard stone wrote:

Really Roland, how is it you have come to know everything?

What kind of question is that?

You have to be nice now. No photo stuff from Santa otherwise.

Of course I dont know what Sigma people thinks. I just wrote that they probably are confused and worried now after the massive critique they have got. Maybe they are not - but wouldnt that be strange?

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