Leica v Zeiss Contax

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Re: Leica v Zeiss Contax

It depends what part of their 80 year old history you are talking about. Just prewar it was Leica lll and Contax ll. The Leica was smaller, lighter and arguably more reliable. the Contax had a better combined rangefinder/viewfinder window and a longer rangefinder base. It had easier film loading and bayonet lens mount.

Leica came out of the war fairly intact and managed somehow to get back on its feet. Zeiss Ikon was broken up and Contax production was taken off to Kiev. Early Kiev cameras were really Contax and quite good but quality gradually went downhill.

Of the two I prefer the Contax to use but my Leica lll is the one with film in because of the unbroken legacy of lenses and mount that let me use reasonably modern lenses on the old body. I have a 15mm Voigtlander that comes into its own on the 1933 Leica, on my M8 it loses too much width.

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