Sigma's next camera will be ???

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Re: Roland in disguise?

SigmaChrome wrote:

Sigma has a fully dedicated "camera division"? Are you sure about that?

Who said that?

I said:

"That is the logic consequence of some hints I already gave according to the Sigma camera division, which probably is subventioned since years by the lens sales and is therefore only dying, if the privat owners of the Sigma Corp. likes it - like in all private dynasties...
...nothing to speculate here (it can happen anytime!)."

I call the part of the private Sigma Corp., who is responsible for the cameras and the resulting output, "camera division".

Whether people also have responsibility for the lens, or sales department, or whether this private Corp. calls those parts "department", "divison" or not,
or has no names for those people and their work, isn't that interesting for me.

You can call it like You want, but I thought, that one would understand what I mean.


Whether (some) R&D people have influence on everything and are not (publicly) listed as a part of Sigma Corp., is also a question that could be raised,
but for what purpose?


I am interested in the output.

If the output could or should be better for the sake of the whole (idea / concept),
I make suggestions...

...and if this doesn't work as expected, I give an advice, also based on proveable facts and careful considerations.

If even this doesn't work, than they have to help themselves - by changing themselves.

But anyway, it is sad to see someone running with open eyes and firm steps against a wall...

...I wouldn't follow. Punkt.


I wait and see...

...until 12.12.12 at 12.12.12 CET, to have at least six double six and 4 points,
which is at least a suited reminder for a marriage...

...but I guess, that if Fuji is as good as I expect, I will only take a short look on that date on Sigma to remember a good idea ruined by fools.

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