First Report on V1

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Travel report (Tropics)

Spent a week near Cancun. Took only the V1 and three lenses. Worked rather well, and the combo was so tiny. Amazing!

The camera doesn't like shadows in low light. So, I try to keep the ISO down. This sample taken at 1/10s f/2.8 ISO 400. Pushed to @ISO 800.

This sample taken at ISO 400 and pushed by half a stop and shadows lifted a bit more. DxO (Low-Light ISO 346) seems to be pretty accurate. Detail work is limited to about ISO400. Can be printed at 18x12.

This sample taken at ISO 2500 with High ISO NR off. Just needs some spot NR.

Just one at just ISO 720

Used the flashgun at a ruin. The first photo with camera EV -2/3 and flash EV +2/3. The second photo with camera EV at 0 and flash EV at +2/3.

Finally, DR is good in the highlights. The first photo is straight from NEF. The sky is blown. The second photo is -2 EV and extensive shadow protection plus D-Lighting. Helped by flash pivot to the right (camera -1 EV and flash +1 EV).

Hope this helps. Much better than small sensor compact camera. Needs a little discretion and PP work. A f/1.4 lens would be perfect.

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