How many professional photographers bother with color management?

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Re: How many professional photographers bother with color management?

Michael Firstlight wrote:

He should get out of the class room and attend a few professional conferences for his/her own technical vitality which, in turn, would benefit the students

Well, if it would "benefit" (impress) the 18 year old female students he probably would.

Luckily his class is just the most basic photography class that everyone has to take because it's a prerequisite for almost every other photography class. I'm done with this one now and I don't think he teaches any others, so there's probably not much use in trying to convince him of anything at this point.

I didn't believe what he was saying about CM was generally true and thought maybe it just applied to some subset of the industry or something, but the 10 years out-of-date hypothesis would make sense given that he said his knowledge was about 10 years out of date when it came to a previous question I had asked.

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