Leica v Zeiss Contax

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Re: Leica v Zeiss Contax

Leica Rangefinder vs Zeiss Contax Rangefinder.

A debate fresh from the 1930s. Two different philosophies, the Contax was probably more advanced as it had a combined VF/RF compared to the Leica of the period. The Contax roller-blind shutter was much more complex, not better. Zeiss had to take a different approach as Leica had a patent on the horizontal travel shutter.

These days, 50 years after the Zeiss Contax was discontinued- the Leica showed much better "staying Power". Note that Zeiss did not come out with new lenses in Contax RF mount, but made them in Leica M-Mount. Even the C-Sonnar 50/1.5 was available in Leica M-Mount and Nikon S-Mount. So if Zeiss believes the Leica mount was better for reintroducing RF lenses, I;m not going to disagree. But i still like my Contax II.

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