IR sensor on back of camera

Started Dec 19, 2011 | Discussions thread
wombat37 Regular Member • Posts: 151
Re: IR sensor on back of camera

I have one of these with my a700.

It's not a very well thought out implementation.

I've tried to use it to take photos of groups with me in them. I'm always the one seen holding the remote control - it won't work if you try to hold the remote behind your back or in your pocket.

I've also tried to use it for macro work where you position the camera carefully on a tripod etc. You then have to hold the remote in front of the camera and probably disturb anything you are photographing.

Finally you can't use it with any of the special modes (bracketing, muliple images, etc. etc.)

I don't really know what situations it would be any use for.

A waste of money in my mind. Radio wireless would be far superior.


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