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Re: Welcome to shooting in the RAW, beware it gets cold.

About tweaking for noise, it is always matter of personal taste. The trade offs are noise-free and detail. If you take all the noise out, you will take out all the details at the same time. My suggestion, if I may, is to use moderate NR (i.e. just enough to remove the color noise and leave some grain in the photo) and view at the intended output (e.g screen size or print). If you pixel-peep, you always find either noise or NR artifacts.

You can stream line data converter by saving basic processing parameters as profiles. For example, I would have a profile for each ISO with only the NR and sharpening specified. Everything else would be left as "camera setting". I would then apply the profile to multiple image of the same ISO and the other parameters individually afterwards as needed.

I also encourage others to try rawtherapee. It's free and has a pretty good interface. Stable release 3.0 has been out for a little bit. One thing to point out is that when editing, you can see effects of sharpening and NR only at 100% viewing. At other viewing sizes, you will not see those effects even though they have been applied.

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