Dead Sensor Pixils

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Re: Dead Sensor Pixils


1. Firstly, CHDK removes hot pixels from DNG files only, so all the rigmarole involved in shooting DNG then processing to JPEG would be involved (not what everyone wants).

2. Depending on the number of bad pixels, it can be quite a challenge to remove them manually, potentially taking much time and effort if an automated approach is not made.

3. Bad/hot pixel removal can be detrimentral to JPEG image quality if a lossless process is not utilized.


1. Use semi-automated hot pixel removal software like "Hotpixel Killer", which uses a lossless JPEG process for no generational loss in quality.
Hotpixel Killer hosted by me:

2. For many years I have created custom versions of my "Lossless Spot Remover" tool which removes (interpolates out) hotpixels from JPEG images in a one-click (fully automated) process where no user input is required. This is a lossless JPEG tool which uses "jpegpixi" as the engine for removing these bad pixels.

If you would like a custom version of Lossless Spot Remover customized for removing the bad pixels from YOUR camera images just let me know. Developing lossless JPEG tools is my avocation, and I neither solicit nor accept donations of any kind.

Mike Lee

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