Who do you blame for not being rich?

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Bill Randall
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Re: I know someone just like that

Chato wrote:

Jean Stumberger wrote:

Chato wrote:

I don't blame anyone for not being rich, except perhaps my parents for not being rich.

whom do YOUR kids blame ?

But I note that the income of the one percent rose 38 percent last year, while almost one in two Americans are close to the poverty line.

Becoming rich in any Capitalist Society is easy.

All you need is luck . And you will find that the harder you WORK, the LUCKIER you get.

In fact, I've known him long before he became rich. After his aquisition of wealth, he used to go around lecturing people to emulate him - I loved him repeating, "You have to pull yourself up by your own bootstraps!"

Of course, he was a lazy useless piece of garbage, who screwed him employee's, (all illegal Polish immigrants) out of nickels and dimes - And of course, he married the only daughter of a very wealthy man, and inherited just about everything...

Even so, he sure could make a good lecture on raising yourself out of poverty. I'm still kicking myself for not marrying this wealthy woman who was constantly hitting on me. To my naive way of thinking, who you're next to when you wake up in the morning is worth far more than money. I still stupidly feel that way...

And Chato is a very good dog.

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