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Re: I held back saying that for 3 hours....

RDoc wrote:

I totally agree. One of the things that amazes me about this whole photo/printing/calibration thing is how lame it all is. The hardware barely works, the software is worse and the information about how to do it is spread out all over the place and a lot of it's wrong, outdated, or extremely obscure.

This shouldn't be so difficult. Lots of people want to produce good prints and are willing to pay a reasonable amount to do it.

Exactly, I just enjoy taking photos and enjoy printing my favorites. Every now and again I get the "creative itch" and I enjoy doing the entire process from beginning to end. Granted there have been and on occasion still moments of frustration simply because I'm still learning and hopefully will continue to learn and improve.

Operator error is one thing but tools the are not trust worthy.... okay I will step down from my soap box, rant over I will look into the colormunki in addition give your suggestion a try. Any additional information would be greatly appreciated.


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