Why Olympus Is Right To Make Slow Lenses

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Raist3d wrote:

You make it sound like the compromises are ok as if there was nothing out there that solved those compromises we are talking about.

No, i am saying we live with compromises every day. To say the E-5 does alright against the D3 is a compliment, that it falls short against the D7000 (more then the 7D which has worse performance for noise) is a fact, but not a clear cut one for an E-3 owner to just jump ship.

That is the problem. As for demonstrating -= very simple- take a wedding under bad light conditions. You have to do what you can. The better the shadows/noise you have in a camera when that reception hits at night the better chance you have to recover, save, do shots that you couldn't quite do before. We can go back this train further back if you want- say ISO 400 tops film.

No disagreement there. However most wedding photographers are not as experimental as you describe, and most wedding photographers follow a pattern, or style... It is one that is tasteful to the end users.

So it all ties up to a business- the more time you have to spend post processing to make sure that noise is cleaned up properly, that's time wasted… which means money wasted. If you now have to worry about banding- may god help you.

Well, the bad colour from some bodies didnt stop the people PP the files. But you are right, tome spend doing PP is money wasted.

Eh, calm down. It should have been based on the fact that there are several lenses out there that cover a somewhat similar range.

A similar range is not the same thing, right now kit users can buy the 9-18 or the 12mm to get to 12mm, one is about $600 the other about $800... To use macro features you can buy the $100 adapter, the Panasonic macro, or a piece of legacy glass... To use powerzoom for smooth video zooming would require yet another lens.

But that was the point. I mean.. if they are making a pro specced m4/3rds camera, then one would think that coming out with a lens that is faster than the current zooms, providing better bokeh control while doing so seems to me a higher priority photography wise.

But this market isnt only photographers.

Well they are in a way duplicating aspects of their current line up as it is.

Yeah, but doing it with kit zooms (the only overlap) is not the same as producing the same fast, expensive glass (expensive for the company to produce and the customer to buy).

Don't take this out of context. I blasted the E-5 at its price point given the issues I see it has in being competitive at that price. Had the E-5 come out with a better performing sensor, I wouldn't have thought the price was all that bad at all.

That is the point, at a certain pricepoint people get expectations. if this thing was more expensive for a bit more lens speed, say half a stop, it would still be blasted, but for a different reason.

If you cut a bit on the range that should make the lens easier to control on the price. How much? I don't know. But it's not like that. In fact, the lens is getting blasted as it is for being slow at $500

Yeah, I dont know a weathersealed lens that costs $500 from another manufacturer, do you?

Dont' get me wrong- after some thinking I dont' thin this lens is bad per se. Having semi-macro is nice. I just think that it's not a lens m4/3rds needs as much as, something that would have been a faster lens.

If for example, this was Olympus' first m4/3rds kit lens it would look pretty nice. But it's not. We have already similar ranges in these speeds.

YEah, things have been a bit messy, but seeing the lenses get smaller, AF faster, and newer features is not a bad thing.

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