The new oly lens. Beginning to lose the plot ?

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Some interesting thoughts in this thread ...

Keep em coming please.

Apologies as someone pointed out that I didnt mention which lens I was talking about.

My wishlist is

1. Nex 7 like body with a built in EVF or hybrid VF ( like X100 )

2. Ability to 'properly' AF 43 lens. I have the adapter and use the 14-42 & 40-150 and the AF is super slow

3. I think we are not going to get a m43 14-54 type lens anytime soon so 2 becomes important, I am not that into video ( yet - dont know what the future holds )

Whilst I like my E520 after using the E-P1 and going back to it in the winter shows how weak it is mainly due to the AA filter and the sensor - not ideal for UK winters with gloomy skies, the PEN does a lot better to be honest and hence my apprehension to invest in 43 lenses without something form olympus that they will have a proper E-xxx replacement for people like me ( weather sealing not that important really but good if its there )


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