What will succeed the Sony DSC-TX10?

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Re: What will succeed the Sony DSC-TX10?

Lol I never said the TX10 is a crappy camera. If you read carefully I said the (budget) T and W series is crappy, I was not including the (high-end) TX series when I said (budget) T. All the TX series cameras are Made in Japan. When I said the T series I was specifically referring to the T110 which if you read the reviews is crap and is made in China. The entire W and WX series is also made in China and there is nothing special about them, there is no question in my mind, the only Sony point and shoots that are good and worth buying are the ones Sony themselves thinks its worth the extra cost to make in Japan, which are the entire TX series and the HX series minus the budget HX7.

However about the TX10. This years cameras (TX10, TX100V) seem to have been a dud compared to their former 2010 models (TX5, TX9) respectivly which both boasted slightly better image quality then the 2011 models. Maybe because its the first year with the new 16MP sensors, hopefully the 2012 models will be more refined being the second generation with the 16MP sensors and finally better than the 2010 models. I never said the TX10 is a crappy camera, however being a first gen 16MP Cybershot I would definantly wait to get the successor to it that will be announced in Las Vegas in a couple of weeks cause as it stands now I would rather get a TX5 which you can still find brand new off eBay from reputable sellers over the TX10.

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