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Re: Question re: statement of APSC performance

jdu_sg wrote:
Hi Andy and DPR, another terrific review, well worth the wait !

I wanted a clarification on this statement ( from the conclusion ):

In this regard it does visibly better than the SLT-A77 we reviewed recently that
shares the same sensor, but diverts a substantial fraction of the incoming light

to its autofocus sensor. It's no stretch to say that, at its best, the NEX-7 offers
the finest still image quality of any APS-C camera, bar none.

My question is: does "APS-C" refer specifically to the Sony-produced APS-C sensors, or is it the more general APS-C class, referring to the Canon and Nikon sensors as well ?

The only Nikon APSC camera that doesn't have Sony sensor is D3100. Canon sensors so far a bit behind anyway in shadow noise.

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