Your favorite mFT lens?

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Re: Your favorite mFT lens?

My lenses:

Panasonic 8mm - Small UWA prime lens, can de-fish image for a rectangular view. Really like the lens but consider selling it because of little usage. It can make very interested images though.

Panasonic 14mm - Very small with great performance, put it on my GF2 for a really handy package. According to slrgear, the performance is pretty similar to the 12mm.

Panasonic 20mm - My most used workhorse, can also make a small package together with the GF2. Sharp and fast.

Panasonic Leica 45mm - My favorite lens, I think the keeper rate with this lens is very high. something with the rendering that blows me away. Very good for macro and portraits

I also have the 14-140mm, but I will try to sell it. I think it is too large and clumsy on the gf2, defeating the purpose of a small and anonymous power system. The IQ is a step down from my other lenses, making me less tempted to use the lens.

I also have the 25mm on order. My favorite lens have been the PL 45 mm, and now potentially the PL 25mm. together with the 14mm it will give me good flexibility. I will hold on to the 20mm, undecided about the 8mm.

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GF2, 45mm, 20mm, 14mm, 8mm, 14-140mm, LVF1

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