Sigma's next camera will be ???

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Re: Sigma's next camera will of course

Trouble with relying on Sigma to save Foveon is you that you know that the next one will take years to appear and won't be much cop when it does eventually arrive.

Sigma are weird, they make cameras that no one else will make or would want to make in the full knowledge that they wont sell and indeed every release gathers such bad press it makes it less likely that the next model will sell either.

Why do they bother. We hear from Laurence etc that they have a plan and they look to the long term. At this rate we'll all be long gone by the time they produce a camera that appeals to anyone beyond a handful of geeky enthusiasts.

I completely fail to understand how Sigma can believe they can turn themselves into a major camera manufacturer with such a poor history of products. There are contract manufacturers out there who know how to build reasonable cameras and have done so successfully for years. Why not partner with say someone like Cosina? Not only have cosina made many cameras under their own brand, they have made cameras for Nikon and olympus, Ricoh and others, they made the Epson digital rangefinder which was successful in the low volume niche market and they have the Voigtlander and Zeiss brands....

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