Sigma's next camera will be ???

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Re: This is waht I want from Sigma

You can use M42 lenses on SD1, and zeiss make expensive M42 lenses. Well, actually Cosina make expensive Zeiss M42 lenses, but you know what I mean.

Talking of Cosina, I've just acquired a Miranda 24mm F2.8 macros lens. I believe this was made by Cosina. I had to pay £52 as there seems to have been some recent dramatic price inflation on these old legacy lenses presumably fuelled by the mirrorless popularity. My consolation for having to fork out this much money is that it appears to be in brand new mint condition and comes with a no quibble guarantee.

I've sold my Nikon 24mm because it was a bit front heavy on the NEX and was worth a lot more than the Miranda/cosina. It will be interesting to find out whether a 25-30 year old legacy lens that was a modest budget lens in its day can do the job. Sniffing around on the net, I have found a number of reviews that speak very positively of it. My own guess is that stopped down to f9-f11 it will do just as well as the £1000 Sony zeiss my little NEX 3.

We'll see.

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