Bit off topic wifi question.

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Re: Bit off topic wifi question.

That's what I still use (an older model Linksys WRT54G that I've had for a number of years). These use a Broadcom chipset and you can also find third party firmware for them that adds more functionality.

BTW, it's a really good idea to use a router anyway. Basically, plug the WAN port on the router into your ISPs modem, then plug your PC into one of the Ethernet Ports on the router if you don't care about using it's wireless.

One reason having a router "in between" your modem and your PC is so that your PC doesn't have to worry about filtering packets so that only the packets addressed to your PC get through. That way, it's not eating up any CPU for that purpose (since the router is acting as a "traffic cop" and only directing packets to your PC that it needs to see, versus it having to look at all packets on your cable modem segment (including those to/from your neighbors).

Having a hardware router in the pipeline also improves security since it will also act as a Firewall by default (so that your PC is not as accessible to others), whereas without a hardware router/firewall in the pipeline, you can have others trying to access any open ports on your PC. That way, your software firewall (assuming you have one installed and enabled on your PCs) doesn't have to work as hard.

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